#directprovision14 14 Years & 1 Day: Challenging the Politics of Direct Provision

No+Place+to+call+Home+logoOn RTE’s Morning Ireland, Aisling Kenny traveled to a direct provision centre in the West of Ireland and spoke to children and families about what it was like to live in direct provision. [You can access a longer report here]. The children spoke of the profound effect that condemnation for years on end to direct provision is having on their education, their sense of identity, sense of belonging and integration with their local communities.

Letter Template to Members of the Oireachtas

Yesterday’s 14 hour direct provision blogathon  (you can access all posts here), highlighted many of the same problems. It is likely that those in positions of power to change this system did not read these posts, therefore, there is a need to ensure that members of the Oireachtas are aware of concerns with direct provision and are called to immediately legislate for a human right based alternative. We encourage you to send a letter/email to your political representatives and to assist with this we have included a template below – please feel free to personalise the letter/email. Any alternative system must recognise the dignity of asylum seekers during their time in the status determination process.

You can find a template for this letter here: Direct Provision Letter to TDs

Need to find out who are your local TDs? Then access this information and their contact details on Who is my TD?

With upcoming local and European elections, one small way in which people can agitate for change to the direct provision system is to seek assurances from candidates that they will raise your concerns on this matter with their parties.

Letter/Statement Template for Local Authority Candidates

Local authorities and councillors have no role in direct provision, however if there was some discussion of this at the doorstep, then councillors may bring it to the attention of their respective parties.  If a local authority candidate does come to your door, then you may want to provide them with this: Council Candidates Direct Provision