Welcome to my new website

Blog Pic LTOver the last number of years, I have contributed to Human Rights in Ireland, a group academic blog. Over the last two years, my blogging has become less frequent, and mainly focused on the issue of direct provision for asylum seekers With the start of a new year, I’ve decided to begin regularly blogging again from my own site.  As well as continuing to provide legal analysis of the rights of asylum seekers, this blog will further engage in current legal and political issues relating to law and human rights in Ireland. All my past blog posts from Human Rights in Ireland are now accessible either on my new website here, or over on my author page for HRinI here.

This blog will cover issues generally relating to the interaction of law and rights in Ireland. While at times it may stray into other jurisdictions, the core purpose is to make law and legal analysis more broadly understood by the public at large.

As well as blogging, this website provides information on my publications, my consultancy projects, policy/political work and media contributions over the last number of years. In relation to publications, I believe it is important that those who pay my salary (the public) have access to my research. Academic publishing – whereby I complete books/articles/chapters in work time (and some weekends), get paid for this by my employer, UCD, yet UCD then has to pay in order to access the journals, books etc. that my work appears in. Thankfully, with more open access provision in the last number of years, practically all of my work is available open access (with the exception of books and confidential consultancy projects).

I aim to update content  on this website every two to three weeks, and, aim to explore the complexities that arise with human rights issues in Ireland, broadly conceived.

Pic credit: Ste Murray