Legal Analysis of the Children’s Referendum: Article 42A Conclusion

Aoife Nolan is Professor of International Human Rights Law in University of NottinghamLiam Thornton is a lecturer in law and director of clinical legal education in University College Dublin. Aoife and Liam are organising Human Rights in Ireland’s contribution to the debate on Article 42A, the Children’s Amendment.

It is important that clear, accessible and intelligible information on the proposed Children’s referendum wording is available. We hope that for those not fully clear on the purpose or wording of Article 42A, that the series of blog posts today provides you with a better understanding of the constitutional amendment on children. The decision is ultimately up to Irish citizens as to whether they choose to accept this amendment to the Irish Constitution. Our only task now, is to thank each of the contributors for their blog posts, which are hyper-linked below for easy reference.

Conor O’Mahony on Article 42A.1

Eoin Daly on Article 42A.2.1

Liam Thornton on Article 42A.2.2

Fergus Ryan on Article 42A.3

Ursula Kilkelly on Article 42A.4.1

Aisling Parkes on Article 42A.4.2

Sean O’Conaill on Article 42A and the Irish wording

On Friday, 26th October 2012Human Rights in Ireland will be providing a platform for a variety of contributors to give their views on the Children’s referendum and Article 42A.