#UNIRL Update One: Ireland & ICESCR

ICESCRThroughout the day, I will blog as much as I can on the engagement of NGOs and examination of State report before the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Today, 08 June 2015, Chief Commissioner of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, Emily Logan has informed the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights that

“Since 2008, Ireland have witnessed the undermining of socio-economic rights with the onset of austerity….In the case of Ireland, conditionality ”

Logan noted the significant gaps in accountability due to the IMF/Trokia. There are increased poverty rates, food poverty and increases in youth unemployment in Ireland.  The maximum available resources needed to satisfy . Ireland not the only country suffering due to Trokia.

Some key points raised by IHREC:

  • The need for an Oireachtas human rights committee and an action plan on human rights;
  • Accountability for socio-economic rights due to sub-contracting and privatisation. Emily mentions direct provision for asylum seekers, care services for children.
  • Fair conditions for work: In work poverty, with 12% of workers falling below poverty line.
  • Need for gender equality, past violations of socio-economic rights, with low participation rates in employment and lower rates of pay for women. Female victims of domestic violence all face challenges in realisation of

Emily Logan speaking about direct provision stated that it was a “significant violation of human rights”. Right to housing in Ireland is weak and this is due to government choices in this regard, not prioritising the human right to housing. IHREC speaks of governmental choices that ensures this right cannot be realised.

IHREC Commissioner, Frank, Ireland has not yet ratified Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Frank noted that persons with disabilities continue to be denied the right to adequate social security; right to proper care. Frank refers to the “fundamental breaches…of human rights for individuals” with disabilities.

Next up…Noeline Blackwell (FLAC)